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Our Professional DPF Filter Cleaning Process

Lots of diesel vehicle owners ignore the importance of DPF Filter cleaning. As you visit our website, we are glad to see that you are not one of them. Before anything else, we at Austin and Son Auto Repair would like to explain you Why DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) cleaning is so important and How we can help you?

You can trust us to clean your DPF in the most efficient way and we have even created a video below to show you exactly how it’s done. We offer affordable service fees without compromising the quality.

As the name implies, a DPF is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter (or simply ash) from the exhaust of the diesel engine of your vehicle. Generally speaking, all diesel engines after 2008 (including industrial machines) should have a DPF attached to the exhaust system. Most DPF units can be used again after cleaning. To have a better understanding on our DPF filter cleaning process, please watch the video below.

DO NOT allow anyone or repair shop to talk you into using Delete DPF Service Kits because they are illegal to use on street vehicles and you could end up costing yourself more $$$ in fines…!

DPF Filter Cleaning vs DPF Regeneration

Contrary to what you might think, DPF regeneration is a far different DPF Filter cleaning. During filter regeneration, the filter removes diesel particulate matter from the exhaust gas and burns them off. And because this process usually happens when your vehicle runs above 40 mph, you may consider it as automatic DPF Filter cleaning. But, this is not true. In fact, frequent regeneration may damage your diesel engine over time.

Why DPF Filter Cleaning on a Regular Basis is Important?

DPF manufacturers highly recommend diesel particulate filter cleaning on regular basis.“Regular” here depends how frequent you use your diesel machine. During normal use, your filter will become saturated which causes frequent regeneration. This eventually can increase fuel consumption and damage to your engine. It should be noted here that Repair of DPF exhaust system is more expensive than DPF Filter cleaning.

Why trust Austin and Son Auto Repair for DPF Filter Cleaning?

Here, at Austin and Son Auto Repair, we use a comprehensive cleaning process with the help of state-of-the-art Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning system. This is to make sure that your DPF will be cleaned properly and will have no damage when returned back to you. Here is a closer look at our equipment DPF Regeneration Oven   DPF Blast Cabinet  DPF Scoot Scale

Below is a brief summary of procedures explaining how we do it?

1. Pin Depth Test – Serves as our first DPF pre-cleaning process. This is to check if there is any debris or crack on your DPF before we clean it.

2. Vacuum Pressure Test – Besides vacuum test, we also perform the Light Test. A light seen inside your DPF tells us that your unit has a crack and needs to be repaired.

3. Filter Weight Test – This is where we determine how many grams of debris your DPF has. We record the weight for reference purposes.

4. Filter Blasting – Serves as the last part of DPF pre-cleaning process. Here, we place your DPF in our DPF cleaning chamber and carefully blast out all the debris inside.

5. Oven Heating – Your DPF is being baked overnight at 1112 degrees. To clean as many DPF units as possible, we have 4 different ovens for 4 different sizes of DPF: small, medium, large and extra large .

The next day, we repeat the same procedures except that they are done in reverse order. We perform Filter Blasting again to make sure that no debris is left inside your DPF. Doing Filter Weight Test again tells us how many grams of debris we have removed from your DPF. After performing Vacuum Pressure Test for the second time, we do Pin Depth Test once more to make sure your DPF was not damaged during the entire cleaning process.

We provide the best DPF Cleaning Services in the country for most of the top automobile brands available in the market including

We are also offering Ship to us and return services all over the country.  We Help Arrange Shipping. For more information, call us at 813-229-1394 and we will be happy to serve you.

Video: DPF Filter Cleaning Process | Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Procedure

DPF Filter Cleaning How We Do It Video, Austin and Son Auto has the best Diesel Particulate Filter procedure in the country. You can ship yours to us.